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About the LinkedIn Learning Homepage

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand library of instructional videos covering the latest business, technology and creative skills. It provides personalized course recommendations and is designed to help you achieve your full potential.

Your LinkedIn Learning homepage provides four easy ways to get started and discover new skills.

  • Recommendations: These populate and update as your interests change, driven by data from your search history and activity.
  • Skills: Self-select and edit your skills and interests to discover relevant courses.
  • Browse Topics: Explore courses across a wide range of business, creative and technology skills.
  • Search: Find courses based on skills, subjects, software and more.

You can also access your current courses by clicking ‘My Learning’ on your profile menu. Trying to decide if a course is right for you? Click the Overview tab on any course page to view full course description and related topics.

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Making time for learning

With a busy career and life outside of work, it can be challenging to find time to pursue learning. To integrate learning into your life:

  • Tie LinkedIn Learning courses to your goals and career development plans.
  • Block out calendar time for courses. It might be helpful to leave your desk to view content on your laptop or phone.
  • Find opportunities for ‘just in time’ learning using two- to three-minute videos. For example, quickly learn how to create a pivot table in Microsoft Excel or how to initiate a difficult conversation.
  • Take a time management course. This may help you find more time to accomplish your goals, as well as more time for learning.

If you require further guidance try reading the How to use LinkedIn Learning guide [PDF 4.2 MB]