Learn with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online library containing thousands of high-quality, current and engaging video tutorials to help you develop the latest business, software and creative skills. New courses are added every week, so you can keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology. 

With LinkedIn Learning you can:

  • Access thousands of free online tutorials  All La Trobe students have free, unlimited access. Here you can learn a wide range of skills − in areas as diverse as graphic design, web development, music and leadership – to complement your degree or to achieve a personal goal.
  • Learn on the go
    Watch tutorials on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and switch back and forth between devices without ever losing your place. Get the LinkedIn Learning app from your store to download tutorials to watch when you don’t have internet access.
  • Customise your learning  The playlists feature lets you create and manage a list of tutorials you want to watch. Tutorials are presented in small chunks, so it’s easy to find quick answers to specific questions. You can also watch an entire course from start to end.
  • Learn from experts  LinkedIn Learning instructors are respected professionals in their fields, and passionate about sharing their expertise. Tutorials use a combination of screenshots, narration, live action, smart boards, charts, graphics, and audio.

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How do I sign in or register for LinkedIn Learning?

Do I need a LinkedIn profile to access LinkedIn Learning?

No, a LinkedIn Profile is not required. When you sign up to LinkedIn Learning you will be asked if you want to connect your Learning account to your LinkedIn Profile. Just decline or skip that part to continue through to activate your Learning account.

What if I cannot log into LinkedIn Learning?

If you cannot access LinkedIn Learning, please refer to their help site.