Deferred your offer

If you deferred your offer to study at La Trobe and are due to return in 2022, join us in this information session for deferred students. Find out more

Defer your new offer

Learn more about how to defer your offer from La Trobe. You can also view our deferral approval table to check if you can defer your course.

Returning from deferral

If you have deferred your course at La Trobe University and now wish to accept or decline your offer, find out more.

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There is a wide range of free programs available to help you out, from counselling services, right through to career guidance.


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Course Handbook

The Handbook contains detailed information about the courses offered at the University. Students will find the latest information on approved courses, as well as extensive details about course content, rules and structure, credit point requirements and specific course information.

Subject search

You can find information on a subject by searching the name of a subject or the subject code in the subject search database. Each subject entry will list the subject description, assessment information, special conditions, class requirements and relevant prerequisites (if applicable).

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All teaching period dates, including all census dates and last dates to withdraw.