Register to practice overseas

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are only able to produce registration packs digitally until further notice:

The digital copies will include only digital signatures and not stamps. Please check with your registration body that a digital copy can be accepted before applying for your package. If your registration body will only accept hard copy documents, we can still accept your application but your order will be placed on hold until we are able to fulfil this request.

Allied Health, Nursing and Midwifery and Science graduates can apply to register to practice overseas.

Registration process

As part of the application process for international registration, the University is required to complete and certify the application before you can receive overseas registration. You will need to submit your application forms via ASK La Trobe.

The application package provides information regarding the details that are required by the organisation, for example, grades, assessments, placement details and relevant dates as applicable. An applicant will receive a hard copy of the relevant documents.

Note: please provide specific information on what is required to be included in your package.

How to register

  1. Submit only appropriate documents that the University is required to approve (obtained from either the registering authority or an agency) to ASK La Trobe via ASK a Question. Please also provide a current mailing address and your Student Identification number when you submit your form online.
  2. Use our online payment portal to complete your payment for the service.

Once you have submitted your application and paid online the University will send you a confirmation email and begin the process of produce your registration package. The package contains your completed forms, an official transcript and any other information required by the University’s clinical and theoretical programs.

This process normally takes eight to ten weeks, depending on the number of registrations received by the University and the workload at the time the request is made. We strongly advise you submit your request as early as possible.

Approved registration packages

Nursing & Midwifery

The original documents will be sent to the registering authority via International Courier and a copy will be sent to you at the address you supplied. A second copy will be kept on file at the University.

Note: The process and requirements can differ based on the country of registration and the authority.

All other graduates

Your approved registration package will include original documents for you to forward on to the relevant international authority you’re seeking registration in, as well as copies for you to keep for your records.

Note: The process, requirements and timeline can differ based on the country of registration, the authority, and the course obtained.


All graduates: $110.00 AUD (effective 1 January 2016)

Please contact ASK La Trobe if you have any queries regarding these fees, as some applications require only simple details to be provided.


Please contact ASK La Trobe if you need help with your application.