Variations to candidature

Things can change during your candidature.

If your circumstances change and you would like to revise any of your enrolment details, talk with your supervisor in the first instance and  notify the Graduate Research School through the appropriate form.

How long can my candidature be?

Expected Work Submission Date and Maximum Completion Date (MCD)

Your Expected Work Submission Date (EWSD) is the date by which your thesis must be submitted.1 Your Maximum Completion Date typically corresponds with your maximum period of funded candidature and it is the date that your EWSD may be extended to with approval..

If you take approved leave of absence or change your study rate, your Expected Work Submission Date, Maximum Completion Date and any future milestone due dates will be adjusted without the need for a formal extension or postponement. Read more about how to make changes to your candidature

If you do not submit your work by the Expected Work Submission Date and have not applied formally to extend or postpone this date, your candidature will be lapsed.

You can access all data related to your Expected Work Submission Date via MyOverview.

What does it mean if my candidature is lapsed?

If you haven’t submitted your thesis by your Expected Work Submission Date, and if you have not received an approved extension, your candidature will lapse for a period of 12 months.

If your candidature has lapsed, it means that

  • you will no longer be enrolled
  • you are no longer formally entitled to supervision
  • you can’t carry out any lab or field work, because you’re not covered by University insurance.

If you are an international student, a lapsed candidature may impact your visa. You should seek advice from the La Trobe International Compliance team immediately.

When your candidature lapses, you will still have access to your email address and library services. During these 12 months, you can submit your thesis any time. Read more about the submission and examination process here:

If you don’t submit your thesis by the end of the lapsed period you will be withdrawn from your degree.

Can I re-enrol after my candidature after my candidature has been lapsed?

You can apply to revive your candidature within three years of withdrawal. You will need to detail any change of research project and supervision arrangements when you apply.

To revive your candidature, you will need to submit a Revive Candidature Application form.

If more than three years have passed since you were withdrawn from your candidature, you will need to apply for a new admission to the degree.

1For candidates who enrolled before 11 October 2017, the Expected Work Submission Date and Maximum Completion Date are the same.