Neurodiversity at La Trobe

Celebrating Neurodiversity is the next frontier in Celebrating Human Diversity

La Trobe’s new Neurodiversity Project aims to improve equity, accessibility, and inclusion for our Neurominority student and staff communities.

In collaboration with the AccessAbility and Inclusion team, the Neurodiversity Project is involved in various initiatives in this space. These range from campus event planning, to delivering Neurodiversity Ally and Accessibility Training to staff, to advocating for Neurominority staff and students in various areas of interest across the university (including policy, study and employment services, and beyond).

This Neurodiversity Webpage serves as a central hub for Neurodiversity-related study supports, resources, research, and courses at La Trobe. Here you can find resources including targeted support with your studies, links to relevant services such as counselling and the AccessAbility Hub, research projects and experts related to Neurodiversity, and relevant blogs, articles, and other materials which can help students to navigate university life.

Community Co-Design and Leadership

We prioritise engagement with the neurodiversity community in shaping the aims and initiatives for our Neurodiversity Project. Our Neurodiversity Project Manager Beth Radulski is also La Trobe’s first openly Autistic Autism researcher. The Neurodiversity Project draws upon Beth’s research and lived experience to improve the overall university experience for Neurominority staff and student populations.  We also offer several different opportunities for Neurominority staff and students to collaborate on the project, including a placement subject that allows eligible students to intern on the project for credit towards their degree.

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La Trobe Neurodiversity Resources

The University has made maps available for specific access requirements including for physical access and mobility and disabled toilet access for each campus. You can view them by visiting the following link, clicking on the relevant campus, and scrolling down to ‘Maps for People with Disabilities’.

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Our team have developed a variety of resources to support the La Trobe community, and the tertiary sector more broadly, to create welcoming and engaging environments for neurominority populations.

These include:

  • Cultural sensitivity guidelines
  • Neurodiversity 101
  • Neurodiversity Accessible Event Planning
  • How to make a Sensory Room
  • Classroom / Teaching Accessibility training slides

These resources can be downloaded for FREE.

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Partners and External Resources

- The Neurodiversity Hub

- The Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre – La Trobe’s research facility dedicated to Autism.

- Untapped

- Genius Armory

- ICAN Network

Support for Neurominority Students

Support for Neurominority Students

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Health, Wellbeing and Accessibility Support for Neurominority Students

Health, Wellbeing and Accessibility Support for Neurominority Students

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Get Involved in Neurodiversity at La Trobe

Get Involved in Neurodiversity at La Trobe

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