Enrolment support

Congratulations on your offer to study with us!

Getting started at university and the enrolment process can sometimes be a little overwhelming, that's why this webpage is a great place to start.

Accepting your offer

Before you can complete your enrolment, you'll need to accept your offer.

Enrolment steps

Get the information you need to start your enrolment process by following our enrolment steps. As well as reading the steps, watch the videos:

Getting Started at La Trobe

This checklist will help you be prepared and ready to start your studies at La Trobe.

Study Plan Guides

La Trobe’s Study Plan Guides tool will assist you with visualising your course enrolment.

The Study Plan Guides tool is available to support students starting a new undergraduate course in 2022 with their enrolment.

Enrolment Essentials workshops

Our Enrolment Essentials workshops connect you with your course-specific Student Advisor, who will help you navigate your studies at university.

Getting started at Uni can sometimes be a little overwhelming, that's why this session is a great place to start.

Come and meet your Student Advisor, who in this session will teach you how to interpret the handbook, understand your course structure and study load, and assist you in identifying the correct subjects to enrol into.

Your Student Advisor will work with you and assist you in navigating your course. Together you will work through a wide range of events; everything from choosing and enrolling in subjects, academic skills development, academic recovery, as well as goal setting, time management and much more.

You’ll also have the chance to meet some of your fellow students, and to book in with your Student Advisor for your first one-on-one meeting.

This is the workshop for you if you are starting a new undergraduate course in a 2022 study period.

There are currently no scheduled Enrolment Essentials workshops, for support with your enrolment, please contact ASK La Trobe.

Ready, Set, La Trobe!

Our Ready, Set, La Trobe! sessions have been designed by our ASK La Trobe team to answer the top questions asked by new students. Ready, Set, La Trobe! will get you ready to start your studies at La Trobe.

View the quick, easy-to-watch videos below.

What you need to know about how to active your account, quick troubleshooting tips and what the difference is between your username and email.

What you need to know about what a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is, how to complete your HECS-HELP form, payment options and how to obtain your Unique Student Identifier (USI).

What you need to know about AIM & WOM, how to contact your course and subject coordinators and where to find essential details about your subjects.

What you need to know about what an elective is, how to find them and how to enrol in them.

What you need to know about Allocate+ including what the different types of classes are, what to do if you have a clash and how to read your timetable.

What you need to know about how to order your student ID card, the processing time, where to collect your student ID card and what you need to bring to collect.

What you need to know about coming to campus including parking, public transport and concession for public transport.

Further Assistance

Student Advisors

Student Advisors support commencing (first year) undergraduate students in providing one main point of contact to transition into university. They assist students to clarify career goals, develop a sustainable educational plan, connect with appropriate support mechanisms, develop positive learning and help-seeking behaviours and build resilience, motivation and self-efficacy.

ASK La Trobe

ASK La Trobe is here to help with all your student needs. There is a range of ways to contact ASK La Trobe: