We will seek to develop responsible leaders, professionals and citizens by:

  • Recognising that sustainability has economic, social and environmental dimensions.
  • Integrating sustainability in our operations, curriculum and research.
  • Embedding sustainability in our culture and practices through engagement with staff, students, employers and partners.
  • Becoming known as the leading sustainable university in Australia and a leader internationally.

About us

Learn about the Sustainability at La Trobe University

Sustainability Plan 2013 - 2017

The University plan to improve sustainability across all areas of operations.

Reporting our performance

The University measures and reports its social, environmental and economic footprint.

Study with us

Interested in sustainability? Come and learn with us at La Trobe.

Our practices

Sustainability in practice at La Trobe University, including the current sustainability campaigns.

Greener Government Building Project

The GGBP is reducing La Trobe's environmental impact and engaging our students and staff in sustainability projects.

La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary

Since 1967, our Wildlife Sanctuary has been educating the community about indigenous flora and fauna.