Greenhouse Gas Emissions Performance

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 2010-2017 The stacked bar chart displayed on this page shows our annual greenhouse gas emissions for the years 2010 to 2017. Each year's emissions data are divided into scopes 1 (direct), 2 (indirect energy) and 3 (other indirect) emissions.

The chart highlights that scope 3 emissions have remained fairly steady over the previous six years, ranging from a low of 11,670 tCO2-e in 2012 to a high of 13,907 tCO2-e in 2010. In 2016 the University began off-setting the emissions related to air travel and fleet vehicle fuel use. This explains the reduction in scope 3 emissions commencing in 2015.

Scope 1 and 2 emissions vary across the years as a result of operation of the gas powered trigeneration system located at the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus. In years when this system operated for the majority of the year scope 1 emissions, which include emissions from the combustion of natural gas, increase and scope 2 emissions from purchased electricity decrease. The opposite occurs in years when the system only operates for a portion of the year.

YearScope 1 Emissions (tCO2-e)Scope 2 Emissions (tCO2-e)Scope 3 Emissions (tCO2-e)

2017 Quarterly GHG Emissions Data

GRI CodeTitleDetailSIQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
G4-EN15 ADirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (Scope 1)Natural GastCO2-e4,0196,567.68,002.24,939.5
Diesel (Stationary)

LPG (Stationary)

Petrol (TransporttCO2-e18.865.572.0276.4
Diesel (Transport)tCO2-e10.444.254.241.3
LPG (Transport)tCO2-e0.
G4-EN16Energy Indirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (Scope 2)Electricity (Grid Consumption)tCO2-e7,373.26,512.86,281.76,364.8
G4-EN17Other Indirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (Scope 3)Natural GastCO2-e336487.4595.0373.8
Diesel (Stationary)tCO2-e1..
LPG (Stationary)tCO2-e10.01.00.0
Petrol (Transport)tCO2-e13.53.84.1
Diesel (Transport)tCO2-e0.
LPG (Transport)tCO2-e0.
Electricity (Grid Consumption)tCO2-e676.4597.5581.6589.3
Air Travel (Short Haul)tCO2-e69.777.966.065.8
Air Travel (Medium Haul)tCO2-e236.7275.0366.0260.8
Air Travel (Long Haul)tCO2-e1,715.21,763.11,432.01,200.8
Plantation Paper ConsumptiontCO2-e0.
Recycled Paper ConsumptiontCO2-e24.328.427.123.3
Landfill WastetCO2-e370410.9518.6503.5
G4-EN21NOX, SOX and Other Significant Air EmissionsArsenic & compoundskg0.0080.0110.0130.009
Cadmium & compoundskg0.0450.0590.0690.047
Carbon monoxidekg1,341.52,192.72,639.91,478.4
Chromium (III) compoundskg0.0560.0720.0850.058
Copper & compoundskg0.0350.0460.0540.037
Lead & compoundskg0.0230.0290.0340.024
Mercury & compoundskg0.0110.0140.0160.011
Nickel & compoundskg0.0870.1120.1310.09
Oxides of nitrogen (expressed as nitrogen dioxide, NO2)kg6,684.38,049.99,395.26,808.5
PM10 & PM2.5kg314.5403.0473.7325
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonskg0.0280.0360.0420.029
Sulfur dioxidekg27.739.547.029.4
Total VOCskg227.1292.5344.1235