Greenhouse Gas Emissions Performance

What are our major emission sources?

1. Direct emissions (scope 1) - emissions from directly burning fuels such as fleet vehicles or backup generators

  • Gas consumption
  • Cars on campus

2. Indirect emissions (scope 2) from indirectly burnt fuels, such as by purchased electricity

  • Electricity consumption

3. Other indirect emissions (scope 3) such as air travel or taxi's

  • Air travel
  • Waste
  • Electricity and gas
  • Materials consumption (paper usage)

The Annual Emissions Performance graph shows our annual greenhouse gas emissions for the last 5 calendar years. The data for the current year is updated quarterly.

View the Annual Emission Performance graph

How can you help La Trobe reduce its emissions?

Gas and electricity consumption

  • Switch off lights, fans and air conditioning when not required
  • Switch off computers and monitors at the end of the day
  • Report faulty lights or electrical equipment to Infrastructure and Operations



  • Carry your own cup, water bottle and lunch container and say no to unnecessary packaging
  • If you are on the Melbourne Campus, use reusable crockery as part of The Reusable Revolution
  • Sort recycling into the correct bins including organics
  • Buy items in bulk and avoid single-use packaging
  • Only print when it's necessary

How can you reduce your impact at home?


Your impact really depends on your habits and will vary from person to person

  • Do you fly frequently and overseas?
  • Do you eat meat?
  • Do you drive a car regularly?
  • Do you have renewable electricity


  • Turn off devices when not required by the wall, especially televisions
  • Replacing old lamps with LEDs
  • Reduce air travel where possible


  • Reduce driving by riding, walking or taking public transport
  • Eat mostly a plant-based diet (zero or little meat)
  • Buy clothes second hands


  • Purchase renewable energy from your energy retailer and consume goods from companies who also do so


  • Plants trees and a garden where possible


  • Purchasing reputable carbon offsets such as Australian  biodiverse reforestation projects

For more tips at home visit the Sustainability Victoria website.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our work on reducing our emissions covers multiple areas such as energy, car and flight travel, reducing water use and increasing recycling.

It helps us contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

UN sustainability development Goal 3 good health and UN sustainability dev Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities UN sustainability development goal - Goal 13 Climate Action