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The Way We Work: My Green Lab

Green test tubes in a science lab La Trobe University has made impressive strides in its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2029 and we are ranked No. 4 in the world for work towards realising the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The Climate Network’s new series ‘The Way We Work’ explores what else we can do to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our first webinar discusses the concept of the Green Lab. The laboratories on our campuses are the university’s largest energy-consuming and resource-intensive facilities. We therefore have to critically look at changes that can be made to reduce their contribution. As part of this effort, Professor Andrew Hill’s lab is currently certifying as the first My Green Lab in Australia. My Green Lab is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of scientific research. In this session we hear from three speakers that are involved in the certification.

  • Bob Fynan (Environmental Adviser – La Trobe University)
  • Rachael Relph (Chief Sustainability Officer – My Green Lab)
  • Eduard Willms (Postdoctoral researcher – Hill Lab)

Australia’s low-carbon opportunity: A conversation with Ross Garnaut

On Wednesday 4 March the La Trobe Climate Network hosted a conversation between Professor Ross Garnaut, and La Trobe’s Professor Lawrie Zion. As well as exploring the themes in Ross Garnaut’s new book, ‘Superpower: Australia’s Low-Carbon Opportunity’, which is published by La Trobe University Press, the discussion examined the potential impact of Australia’s recent savage summer and the COVID-19 virus on climate policy.

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Getting to Zero: Alan Finkel and Tim Flannery

There is no question of greater significance for the future of humankind than global warming. There is no task more pressing and difficult than the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Australia's former Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, begins his inspiring, cautiously optimistic, and sometimes controversial new Quarterly Essay with these words:

"Like others, I dream that my great-grandchildren, whom I might never meet, will grow up living on a planet just as magnificent as it was when I was young.

"Fulfilment of this dream will require that we preserve our planet’s unique beauty in the face of global warming, armed with ambition and realism. We do not have time for fatalism or despair...

"Change is in the air. The global momentum and enthusiasm for solar and wind as our future primary energy growing every day."

Hear Alan Finkel and La Trobe alumnus Tim Flannery discuss Australia's road to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Hosted by Professor Katie Holmes,  co-leader of La Trobe’s Climate Network.

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