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StudentsLa Trobe is committed to addressing the big issues of our time. The Future Ready Strategy is designed to build the capacity of the La Trobe community to effectively address the issues of tomorrow.

From 2015 all students undertaking undergraduate programs at La Trobe will complete at least one subject that has Sustainability Thinking embedded in it.

Sustainability Thinking is the capacity to engage effectively with social, environmental and economic change and challenges in the contemporary world. These include, for example, climate change, food and water security and human and labour rights.

Sustainability Thinking demands that all La Trobe University undergraduate students reflect on:

  • the complex interactions between natural, economic, social, political and cultural systems;
  • our obligations to future generations;
  • how the choices we make will affect the public good and the wellbeing of future generations.

At La Trobe, Sustainable Thinking is inextricably linked to good global citizenship.

Sustainability Thinking is one of three Essentials that all undergraduates will complete as part of their degree – the other two Essentials are Global Citizenship and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

For details of courses at La Trobe University that include or focus on sustainability, use the La Trobe course search site.