Responsible purchasing

La Trobe University is committed to following sustainable practices in purchasing across the University. Policies and procedures are continuously reviewed to ensure that appropriate sustainability statements and directives are incorporated.

For example, we have added an 'environmental sustainability' criterion into goods/services tenders, so that environmental sustainability is evaluated along with criteria such as 'value for money'.

Recycled paper at La Trobe

Recycled Paper

The University has made the transition to white 100 per cent recycled post consumer waste paper. Post consumer waste is used paper (newspapers, magazines, documents, printed pages) from offices and homes that is recycled back into quality usable paper, reducing human consumption of natural resources.

A change to recycled paper is a simple and efficient way the University can minimise its environmental impact and benefit the wider community.

University fleet system

Our policy on the purchase of cars for the University fleet has resulted in a reduction in the number of vehicles purchased by the University.

The University purchases four-cylinder cars where possible, reducing fuel consumption.