Guide to Preference Entry Mode

During Preference Entry Mode, you can indicate your preferred class times for each class activity.

Preference Entry Mode is not first-in, first-served: as long as you enter your preferences during the dates it's open, you'll have as much chance of being allocated to your preferred classes as anybody else. Please note: this also means that you may not get your first preference for each class when the timetable reopens in Allocation Adjustment Mode.

If you do not submit your preferences during Preference Mode, you will need to allocate yourself to your classes in remaining class times during Allocation Adjustment Mode.

During Preference Entry Mode, you have the opportunity to indicate your preferred classes.

Allocate+ is then closed while the system sorts preferences and allocates students to classes that will generate the best possible clash-free timetable.

While your preferences will be taken into account during sorting, there is no guarantee that you will get your first preferences.

For example, if 70 students choose a particular class as their first preference, but there are only 25 places, the system will select 25 students at random and allocate them to this class. The other 45 students will be allocated to their next preference classes if possible.

If you select only very popular classes, you might be unlucky and not be allocated to any of them.

Allocate+ indicates how popular each class is via the percentage figure beside the 'Preference' dropdown box.

For example, if the class on Wednesday at 12 pm is 100% subscribed: the number of people who have listed this as their first preference is the same as the number of available places.

If the class at 1 pm on Thursday is even more popular: it is 173% subscribed. If you select this class as your first preference, you stand a significant chance of missing out.

If, on the other hand, you chose one of the less popular classes - either of the two Friday classes, for example - you are very likely to be allocated to this class.

Remember, these numbers will continue to increase throughout the Preference Entry Mode period as more people enter their preferences.

Go to Allocate+ and log in using your La Trobe University username and password.

After logging in, you will see a list of your enrolled subjects and their associated activities. Timetable components such as lectures, tutorials and labs are called 'activities'.

You will only be able to select preferences for subjects in which you have enrolled and which are usually taught on-campus (even if these may actually be held on Zoom due to COVID-19 changes).

If you make any changes to your enrolment in StudentOnline you will need to wait about one hour for these changes to show in Allocate+. You can view the timetable for subjects that you are not enrolled in by using the search function or the university timetable.

Entering preferences

You may have been pre-allocated to some of your activities: these will be flagged with a green icon. You will be automatically pre-allocated to classes where there is only one option. Your School may also have pre-allocated you to some activities. Ensure that you read any subject messages on the screen carefully.

You will need to select preferences for all 'Unconfirmed' subjects, which will be flagged with a red icon.

  1. Select the activity (e.g. LC1) for which you wish to enter preferences.
  2. To enter your preferences, select the 'Preference' drop-down box and choose a number (1 for first preference, and so on). The number of preferences you need to enter will be indicated.Choose at least four preferences for each class, or number all of them if there are less than four options.
  3. Click the 'Save' button. A message will appear confirming your preferences have been saved. Once you have submitted a preference, the flag will change to orange, and will stay as Pending until the Preference period closes. You can change your preferences for orange (pending) activities until the system is closed for sorting.
  4. Repeat this process for each Unconfirmed (red) activity in each of your enrolled subjects.

After sorting, the system will reopen for 'first-in-first-served' Allocation Adjustment mode. Opening and closing dates can be found via the Important timetable dates page.

If your subject is delivered in 'Blended Mode' (BL code) with set times and days for classes, but some (or all) classes are delivered online, then you will still need to allocate to these classes.

Generally, you will not need to allocate to online-only classes (OL code) unless there is a face-to-face component (e.g. an introductory lecture).

If you do not need to allocate to an online activity, this will be indicated with the text 'No group available'.

Delivery mode codes

CodeDelivery mode
DEDistance Education
OCOff Campus

If a subject is 'off', you will not be able to submit preferences.

Reasons why a subject will be turned off include:

  • Allocate+ may not be open yet for you to enter your preferences. Refresh and check back a bit later - remember, Preference Entry mode is not first-in-first-served so there is no time dependency
  • Allocations to the subject are being managed by the school or department. Student allocations for 2nd and 3rd year Nursing students and for Allied Health students based in clinical schools are managed by the schools.
  • The subject is not running this semester (e.g. Semester 2 subjects will be visible in Semester 1, but shown as 'Off').

Please Note: Preference entry mode will not be offered for subjects with Non-standard (e.g. W2948) and Terms (e.g. Term 1) teaching periods. These subjects will open directly in Allocation Adjustment mode instead.

Please see the Census dates page for more information on standard and non-standard teaching periods.

Need more help?

If you need more help or technical support, please contact ASK La Trobe.