Guide to Allocation Adjustment Mode

During Allocation Adjustment Mode (also known as first-in, first-served mode) you can:

  • check that you have been allocated to a class for all the activities you're enrolled in and fix any problems
  • allocate to classes if you have not already been allocated to them
  • change classes if there are places available
  • add yourself to a waitlist for a full time.

Unlike Preference Entry Mode, Allocation Adjustment is first-in, first-served, so your best chance to reallocate to a preferred time is to log in as soon as your class times open. To manage the significant load on the system, opening times are staggered by school.

New for 2021: If your preferred time for a class is already full, read our information on swaps and waitlisting under the 'What should I do if my class is full?' heading below.

See schedule of opening times

View the video and guides below for more help on Allocation Adjustment mode:

Allocating to activities

What do I need to do?

Activities to which you have already been allocated will be flagged with a green icon. You can change these allocations if alternative class times are available until the system closes (usually two weeks after the start of a 12-week semester).

  • Please note: as soon as you select a new class, your original class time will become available to other students.

If you have any classes that are still Pending (orange) or Unconfirmed (red), you need to manually allocate yourself to these classes.

  • Hint: to avoid class clashes in your timetable, look at the classes available for all unallocated activities first, and then start by allocating to the one with the fewest options.

How to allocate to times

  1. Select the activity to which you would like to allocate.
  2. Click 'Select' for your desired time from the list of available options.
  3. A message will appear confirming your allocation has been saved.
  4. Repeat this process for each unallocated subject. When there is a green icon next to each activity in the current semester, you are finished.

Online classes

  • Generally, you will not need to allocate to online-only classes (OL code). If you do not need to allocate to an online activity, this will be indicated with the text 'No group available'.
  • If your subject is delivered in 'Blended Mode' (BL code) with set times and days for classes, but some (or all) classes are delivered online, then you will still need to allocate to these classes. Online scheduled classes in the timetable will be marked with a dash (-) in the location field.

Swaps and waitlisting – new for 2021

If your preferred time for a class is already full, read our information on swaps and waitlisting under the 'What should I do if my class is full?' heading below.

Why haven't I been allocated to all my classes?

There are several reasons why you might not have been allocated for an activity:

  • You didn't submit preferences during Preference Entry Mode
  • Read more about class allocations with status Read Only or Off
  • None of your preferences were available
  • There is a clash between 2 or more of your activities (see below)
  • There are not enough places available due to unexpectedly large enrolments. This will mean there are no spaces to allocate yourself to. You can ask your subject coordinator about what to do in this situation (they may be planning to add a new class time, for example).

What should I do if I have a clash?

Allocate+ strives to provide each student with a clash-free timetable, but this is not always possible. If you have two subjects that clash, Allocate+ will randomly choose one to allocate you to, and will leave the second subject unallocated.

Check both subjects to see if you might be able to resolve the issue by choosing different classes.

If this is not possible, check to see if either of the subjects is on the approved clash list below. If one of the activities is on the approved clash list, contact ASK La Trobe, who will help you allocate.

You can visit ASK La Trobe or call 1300 La Trobe (1300 528 762) for assistance.

If your activity is not on the approved clash list, contact your subject coordinator for help.

Download the approved clash list

What should I do if my subject is full? (swaps and waitlisting)

If the class for an activity is full, you can request a swap to a different class time, or place yourself on a waitlist - see managing swap and waitlist requests.

If there are no available class times you can contact your subject coordinator for advice.

Contacting subject coordinators

Subject coordinators are listed in the subject entries in the Subjects database. You can access the subject description by clicking on the blue 'i' icon next to the subject code in Allocate+.

You can then find contact details for subject coordinators in the Staff Contact Directory.

Need more information?

Don't forget to view our Timetable FAQs.

If you need more help with general timetable enquiries, please contact ASK La Trobe.

For technical support, please visit Student IT Support.

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