Withdrawing from your course

Before you withdraw

Before you make your final decision to withdraw, discuss your plans with:

They can help you to explore other options like deferring your course or taking a leave of absence.

Note: There are financial and academic penalties if you withdraw after census date.

Alternative exit options

Some courses have an option for Alternative exit. Meaning you can exit your course at an earlier stage, or complete a different award to the one you were originally studying. You may be eligible if you have completed subjects that satisfy the requirements of a different award. For example, you may be able to exit from a double degree as a single degree, or exit a Master's degree as a Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate. To check if you are eligible and if this is an option for your course, please see your Course Handbook and to apply, complete the online Alternative exit form.

How to withdraw

Domestic students

If you have decided to withdraw from your course complete the online Discontinuation of Enrolment form.

International student visa holders

See: Withdrawal and leave of absence for International students.

Graduate research students

Contact the Graduate Research School (GRS) to discuss course withdrawal.