Making university more supportive: because we CAN, so we DID.

CANDID (ChronicAlly ill, NeuroDiverse, Impaired and Disabled) facilitates friendships, develops connections and provides mutual support for students who have experiences of:

  • chronic illness
  • neurodiversity
  • disability (including mental health)
  • impairment.

Carers and allies are also welcome too.

We are a student-led group, supported by AccessAbility and Inclusion team. We currently run a lunchtime Microsoft Teams social catch-up on the third Monday of every month with a speaker.

We keep in touch between meetings via Microsoft Teams. We are flexible, respectful and responsive.

CANDID facilitators also run weekly Shut Up And Study (SUAS) sessions in person and via Microsoft Teams, for those who would like to participate in focused study sessions with peer accountability. We use the Pomodoro technique of alternating 25 minutes or more of silent work with short social breaks. See our Teams page for details of upcoming sessions.

CANDID recognises that people are diverse, as are our experiences, health, and wellbeing. We want CANDID to be a safe place for people from all walks of life, and for this safety to be reflected in how we communicate with each other. All meetings are optional and you can come and go as you please. Come and see if we are your community.

For more information, you can also email us at

Dates and topics for 2023:

Email the CANDID email address or use the 'Express your Interest Form' to access the sessions. If you have any suggestions for discussion topics/speakers please let us know.

Recordings of all guest speakers can be accessed via the CANDID Teams channel.


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 27th February at 1:00pm

Topic: Scholarships


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 20th March at 1:00pm

Topic: Time Management & Exam Preparation


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 17th of April at 1:00pm

Topic: Assistive Technology


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 15th of May at 1:00pm

Topic: Library Resources


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 19th of June at 1:00pm

Topic: Career Hub


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 17th of July at 1:00pm

Topic: ADHD at University


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 21st August at 12:00pm

Topic: Time Management & Exam Preparation


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 18th September at 12:00pm

Topic: Managing Mental Health at University


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 16th October at 12:00pm

Topic: Neurodiversity at University


LUNCHTIME MEETING: Monday 20th November at 12:00pm

Topic: GradWise Employment