International - Sydney

Welcome to La Trobe University Sydney campus

Wherever your studies are based, we'll make every effort to ensure you're part of a vibrant learning community.

When you arrive you must attend Orientation. If you haven't already accepted your offer, do so now.

  • Register with Us

    Registration is on Orientation day. Dates and times can be found here. You can check the enrolment steps here Enrolment Checklist.

    Students should make sure they arrive in time to attend registration. If there are reasons you are unable to attend registration please contact Admissions via email:

    Conditional offers

    If you've received a conditional offer you need to give your documentation to Admissions at registration or email beforehand on:

    We will then email you your unconditional offer and instructions on how to accept.

    Unconditional offers

    If your first offer is an unconditional offer, complete these two stages next:

    Stage 1: Register your arrival

    Bring your original passport and visa or e-visa if you applied online. If you still owe fees you will need to pay at Reception on campus before you can activate your student account and create your password. Please Note: if you have not paid, you will not be able to activate your student account, and therefore will not be able to enrol on the same day, due to system requirements.

    Stage 2: Activate your student account

    A staff member will guide you through activating your student account and creating your password. You will then also be given help to enrol.

  • Find your course details and subject information

    It's important to understand your course and the subjects you will undertake. For information you can check the University Handbook.

  • Attend your registration and enrolment session on Orientation Day

    On Orientation Day, you will meet your fellow students, staff, and Orientation buddies. There will be light refreshments while they give you some important information about university life. Your Student ID card will be issued to you, which you'll use for things like borrowing books from the library, printing and photocopying.

    Sydney portal registration and timetable

    Staff will guide you through registering on the Sydney portal and help you with the allocation of your timetable, as well as other important information.

    Log on to StudentOnLine to enrol

    After staff have helped you register on the Sydney portal, you must then enrol in your subjects through StudentOnLine.

    Follow these steps (you will not be able to continue without completing the steps below):

    1. Complete the Parent/Guardian Highest Level of Participation form.
    2. Log on to StudentOnLine.
    3. Confirm your Personal Details.
    4. Confirm your Contact Details (left sidebar). Under 'My addresses', select 'Add an address'. Add your Semester/Term address. If it's not your permanent address in Australia that's ok.. You will need to change your address using StudentOnLine when you move to a more permanent location. Ensure you provide your mobile number.
      Add an emergency contact.
    5. Confirm your Citizenship and Residency Details.
    6. Confirm your Cultural Details.
    7. Confirm your Disability Details.
    8. Confirm your Educational Background Details.
    9. Confirm Parent/Guardian Educational Details.
    10. Enrol. In the My Enrolment tab, select 'Manage Enrolment' (left-hand menu) to get started. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you will be able to enrol in your subjects.

Congratulations, you have successfully enrolled!