How to apply - domestic course transfer

To apply for a domestic course transfer, there are a few key steps to the application process that you must take note of.

Here we'll step out the application process for you.

1. The login screen

If you haven’t already created a La Trobe Applicant ID (this is not your La Trobe ID or your original VTAC ID) please create an account by clicking ‘register now’.

Use your La Trobe email when registering.

2. Entering your study claims - completion year

You must declare your current La Trobe course in your educational study claims. Enter 2019 in the “Completion year” field and choose the highlighted completion status.

3. Preferences

You can apply for a maximum two course preferences. Do not enter courses in slots 3-8, as per below.  Successful applicants will be made one course offer for your highest preference.

Don't worry about the personal statement or resume upload, you don't need either for this application.

4. Read the end-to-end application instructions for more help

Download a copy of our detailed instructions document for screenshots of each step above.

Applications for Semester 1, 2020 are now closed.