Having second thoughts

Wondering if your current degree is right for you?

  • uncertain about the kinds of jobs your degree might lead to?
  • enrolled in a degree that wasn't your first preference?
  • finding it hard to make time for study because of other responsibilities?
  • considering a new direction?

Having second thoughts about your studies can feel quite stressful. In fact…

  • It's very common for people to change direction at Uni (and in their working lives).
  • Having a taste of Uni life puts you in a good position to explore your options and make positive changes.
  • Information and support is available to help you explore your options and succeed in your studies.

You have options and you can make changes.

Think ahead

If you're planning to make changes, such as changing courses, taking leave of absence, or withdrawing from study, make sure you get the timing right around:

Census dates

Course transfer dates

La Trobe Career Hub events

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