Social media

Not sure how to use social media as a student or staff member at La Trobe? Find out what to do, and not do, here.

Social media is a great way to communicate and can help you in your career. But anything you post on social media, or any website, must comply with La Trobe's Social Media Procedure and with the law.

Social Media Use at La Trobe

Before you post, think of the consequences

Your studies

If you post inappropriate information on La Trobe's social media platforms (e.g. our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages), or if you denigrate a student or the University on your private spaces, you could face misconduct charges.

If serious, you could be fined, suspended or excluded from Uni.

Your career

What you post on social media could affect your career. Many employers look at people's social media pages before deciding to hire them, or not. Some will ask you to give them the URLs of your accounts.