General conduct

We welcome students and staff from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. We provide opportunities for all students to participate fully in Uni life.

We expect you to comply with community and legal standards of behaviour towards other students and staff. This includes participating in a respectful, safe and tolerant learning community and respecting University grounds and facilities.

Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities

We aspire to provide an outstanding student experience that is conducive to scholarly activity and supportive of individual learning goals. Underpinning this experience is a safe, inclusive and respectful environment.

The Student Charter embodies the core values and principles that we hold as a community and the partnership that exists between our students and the University. La Trobe students and the University acknowledge and respect the reciprocity of their respective rights and obligations.

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Bullying, discrimination and harassment

Discrimination and harassment on the basis of any personal preferences or background are unacceptable at La Trobe. Bullying, including cyber bullying, is also unacceptable. Often, people are unaware that their behaviour towards others can cause harm, particularly on social media platforms.

Social media

Anything you post on social media, or any website, must comply with our Social Media Procedure. Learn more about what to do and not do on social media, and how to use it positively for your career.

Health and safety

You're responsible for protecting your own health and safety and not jeopardising that of others.

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Check the La Trobe Policy Library for all policies and procedures on student and staff conduct.