You have a number of academic responsibilities.

Maintaining academic integrity

You're responsible for the integrity of your academic work and avoiding plagiarism. This includes properly acknowledging and referencing your sources, and accurately representing your own work.

If you're found to have engaged in academic misconduct, you may receive a fail for that subject or be suspended.

Complying with copyright

Materials that have copyright may include film, music and literature, as well as written content. Check our guide to copyright to ensure you understand the rules about what you can use.

Engaging in your own learning

You're responsible for being engaged and actively involved in your studies. This includes:

  • keeping up with minimum attendance requirements for your classes
  • working collaboratively with other students in group work
  • accessing and submitting your work in a timely manner.

La Trobe provides a number of resources and forms of support that can help.

Making suitable academic progress

We want every student to enjoy academic success and to complete their course. We have a system in place to help you do this.

We work to identify students who are struggling academically as early as possible, so that we can help. If you're at risk of unsatisfactory academic progress, we'll provide intervention and support.