Award verification

What is award verification?

Award verification is an instant, online verification tool that allows graduates and their potential employers to verify their La Trobe University qualification.

What information does award verification provide?

The award verification process provides the following information:

  • Course title studied
  • Completion date
  • Date the award was conferred
  • Course start date

Note: The award verification process does not provide a full transcript of results.

What information do you need to search the award verification database?

To search the La Trobe University award verification database, you will need the graduate's:

  • First given name
  • Family name when studying
  • Date of birth


  • The graduate's student ID number

Why can't I find the graduate in the database?

If you can’t find the graduate, it could be that:

  • They have successfully completed their course but have not yet been conferred to their award
  • Their name has changed since graduating
  • Your spelling or formatting of their name does not match ours

Need more information?

If you need information that is not available in the award verification process outlined above, you may require the following:

Search for a La Trobe graduate

This search function will find La Trobe graduates from the last 10 years.

You can search for a La Trobe graduate by entering the mandatory information in either of the search boxes below. It will verify the official course title, completion date and conferral (graduation) date.

For La Trobe graduates conferred greater than 10 years ago, student consent is required. Students can find the appropriate form and instructions for Third-Party education qualification requests here.