How SSAF is used

SSAF helps fund a range of services across all campuses and every year, your voice helps us determine where the money goes and shapes the future of your university.

La Trobe can either deliver the services and amenities ourselves, or we can contract a third party to deliver the services and amenities on our behalf. Our major third party providers include:

How SSAF is used and the delivery of services

SSAF funds are used by the Student Unions and Associations to provide services for all students including:

  • Student events and activities
  • Student Advocacy

In addition to services run by the Student Unions and Associations, the Students Portfolio of the University uses SSAF funds to support a number of areas across the University such as:

It’s important to remember that this funding helps to improve everyone’s student experience at La Trobe University. You may use many, or some, of these services and amenities that the SSAF funds.

The legislation prohibits the use of the fee to support a political party (a group which has, as one of its objectives, the election of a candidate endorsed by the group or by an organisation of which the group forms a part, to the Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government body).

SSAF can also be used for:

  • accommodation support
  • careers/employment support and advice
  • insurance against personal accidents
  • student debating
  • providing libraries/reading rooms (other than for academic purposes)
  • supporting artistic activities of students
  • producing and sharing student-made media with students
  • academic skill development, outside of a course of study
  • advising on University rules and policies (however described)
  • advocating students' interests in matters arising under the University's rules (however described)
  • orientation information
  • supporting overseas students in their welfare, accommodation and employment.

Current SSAF expenditure



Funding committed











Student Engagement & Partnerships


This funding is in addition to a further
$1,500,000 allocated by the university



This funding is in addition to a further
$950,000 allocated by the university

Clubs and Societies



Student Mental Health and Wellbeing


This funding is in addition to a further
$6,000,000 allocated by the university

Legal Advice, Financial Counselling, and Food Relief



The Learning Hub & Studiosity


The University provides additional
funding for this service

LTU Sport


The University provides additional
funding for this service

International Student Travel Concessions


Healthcare Clinic




Past SSAF expenditure

SSAF funds in previous years have been allocated as below:



Funding committed

Student Organisations


Learning Hub


La Trobe Sport


Maths & Science Hub


International Student Travel Concessions


Healthcare Clinic


Student Partnerships, Student Engagement and Excellence Academy


Student Health & Wellbeing


Student Advising Program


Employability & Work Integrated Learning





Teaching periods in 2020 were affected by changes due to COVID-19, including moving classes off-campus. We responded to this and the SSAF by:

  • The University reduced SSAF by 75% over the year to support students, however not all SSAF was able to be waived as essential SSAF funded services, such as counselling and learning support, need to continue. With the shift to remote learning there has been considerable increase in appointments for counselling and wellbeing support, as well as increased demand for the Learning Hub.
  • The University committed to funding the student associations 50% of their 2020 expected allocation ($2.062 M)
Service AreaSavingsInitial Allocation
Change the Course Project$100,000$100,000
La Trobe Sport$700,000$1,280,000
Campus Life$100,000$100,000
Glider Bus$50,000$67,000
Student Wellbeing and Counselling$100,000$1,107,985
Student Concessions$60,000$95,000
Learning Hub and Learning Support$60,000$762,044
Student Advising-$685,460
Student Partnerships$12,000$62,511
Offset savings from within DVCS portfolio$1,900,000 
Total savings by La Trobe University$3,012,000 



$ (2019)

Total for distribution


Student bodies







Student bodies total


University areas

Allowance for International student concession payments


Division of Student Success


La Trobe Sports


Student Services and Administration


University areas total



Areas $ (2018)
Total for Distribution $8,886,901
Student bodies 
LTSU  $2,999,920
BSA  $1,162,228
WSA  $295,592
Student bodies total$4,457,740
University Areas 
Sports  $1,293,772
Children's Centre  $290,000
Campus and Student Life  $222,000
Health and Wellbeing   $2,596,838
National Framework for Student Partnership in University Decision-Making and Governance  $25,000
University Areas Total $3,133,838
Total Allocated $8,885,350


Areas $ (2017)
Initial Forecast $ 8,500,000
Cost for University Contribution to Travel Concession Card scheme $ 350,000
Total for Distribution $ 8,150,000
Student bodies  
LTSU $ 2,925,666
BSA $ 1,183,290
WSA $ 292,429
Student bodies total $ 4,401,386
University Areas  
Sports $ 1,280,963
Children's Centre $ 378,750
Campus and Student Life $ 660,000
Health and Wellbeing (including Indigenous Counselling) $ 650,000
Student Enrichment and Employability $ 750,000
University Areas Total $ 3,719,713
Total Allocated $ 8,121,099