Image of 5 colourful NEC robots with a plain grey backgroundResearch Centre for Computers, Communication and Social Innovation

With rapidly changing social structures and lifestyles there is a need for information and communication technologies to change their design focus from information and convenience to social innovation. At Research Centre for Computers, communication and Social Innovation (RECCSI) we are engaged in design of socially and emotionally intelligent systems and technologies to support well being and sustainability of human society in the 21st century in a range of areas including health care, human resource management, aged-care, education, organisational innovation, travel and tourism, and others.


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Research activities

RECCSI has ongoing multi-disciplinary research for design and development of emotionally intelligent systems which attracts researchers from psychology to communication robotics across the globe.


The team at RECCSI have published and continue to publish books and journals in the various areas related to the research activities of the centre.

Field trials and media

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RECCSI has strong collaborations with universities and industries across the globe and will continue to invite participation from research centres, universities and industries worldwide.


The team at RECCSI is very vibrant and diverse. Find out more about each one of them and also get to look at their profiles and pictures.

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RECCSI headquarters

RECCSI Headquarters, Melbourne RECCSI's headquarters are located in the La Trobe University Research and Development Park, Bundoora. Close to Melbourne's vibrant CBD, yet surrounded by parkland and wildlife reserves.

Robots in Aged Care

RECCSI robotsOne of RECCSI's key projects has been involvement in the development of NEC's communication robots. A Melbourne nursing home is using them to interact and play games with residents.  The home says the robots improve the quality of life for people with dementia: Robots in Aged Care

RECCSI robots on Channel 7 news

RECCSI’s NEC communication robots, Matilda and Jack, were involved in a field trial in Canossa Home, Queensland. View the segment: Field trial

RECCSI on Ten’s Scope

RECCSI’s NEC communication robots were featured on Channel 10’s television show, Scope.
View the segment: Robot intelligence.