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Ethics, biosafety and integrity

Our team assists with research ethics and integrity, biosafety and defence export matters.

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Contract management

Contractual and funding agreements are managed with help from our Contracts Team.

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Grants and funding

We can help you identify and apply for grants and funding, and keep your budget on track.

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Innovation and commercialisation

Bring your idea to market and apply for IP protection..

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The Graduate Research School

The La Trobe Graduate Research School (GRS) helps to raise the status and recognition of our current graduate research candidates. The School supports a vibrant community of research and an active professional development program for our graduate research candidates, their supervisors and early career researchers.

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Get a research degree

Undertaking graduate research gives you the chance to deepen your understanding.

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Support for Researchers

The RED team offer an outstanding series of professional development programs.

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Research Infrastructure

Accelerating research through the provision of infrastructure, services and expertise

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