Supervised online exams

Supervised online exams are delivered online via an LMS-based system and supervised remotely.

Ensure you read all instructions on this page.

There is a lot of information contained below, but it is essential that you understand the requirements for each of your exams.

Where do I sit my supervised online exam?

Sit your supervised online exam at home in a quiet, private room. You are not required to come to campus for supervised online exams.

Full details of all supervised online exam assessment tasks will be available on the subject LMS site, including specific instructions from the Subject Coordinator and an indication of how long the assessment should take to complete. It is important that you read these details for each of your subjects on the LMS site.

Allowable materials will be specified in the Final Assessment timetable. Additional allowable materials specific to individual subjects will be communicated either by the School or the Subject Coordinator.

  1. Check the Final Assessment timetable regarding inclusions for each exam type in the allowable materials [PDF 114KB] list.
  2. Check with the relevant School/Subject Coordinator for any other allowable materials specific to each subject.
  3. Check the Supervised Online Exam Guidelines [PDF 71.3KB] for general rules regarding supervised online exams.

The list below details the essential equipment and technical requirements for sitting a supervised online exam at home:

  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • macOS 10.11 or later
  • Good internet connection (3 Mbps upload and download)
  • You are permitted one screen (either a laptop with a built in webcam OR a monitor connected to a desktop computer with a webcam)
  • A quiet and well-lit room where you will not be disturbed
  • A secondary device with camera (phone or tablet) 
    It must be positioned to show you in your workspace and the computer being used to take your exam.

Note: Headsets and ear buds are not permitted during supervised online exams.

Students sitting online supervised exams in China can only access the exam by using MS Edge and the La Trobe University VPN.

Preparing for supervised online exams at home

  • You are responsible for ensuring you have access to a quiet and well-lit work area where you will not be disturbed during the exam.
  • Ensure your work area is clean and clear (no stickers, notes or writing on desk or computer and nothing on the floor around the desk).
  • The room should have good lighting (light must not shine directly on either camera).

  • Laptops and mobile devices need to be charged, ideally connected to a power source and a local Wi-Fi network
  • Log into your LMS 30 minutes prior to the start of your exam
  • A current Student ID card is required to complete the Student Identity Check process [PDF 113KB] (when requested by the supervisor). Please refer to the information on the Why you need photo ID for face-to-face exams
  • Position your mobile device in landscape (not portrait) orientation so the camera shows a clear view of yourself, your workspace and the computer. Refer to Setting Up a Secondary Camera [PDF 184KB] for instructions
  • Family and friends should be informed that an online exam is being held to ensure you will not be disturbed
  • Request that others in your home avoid bandwidth intensive activities like streaming movies whilst the exam is in progress
  • Ensure you have eaten, have access to water and attended to any comfort or personal needs (e.g. toilet break) prior to the exam commencing
  • Watches are to be removed and placed next to your ID card in view of the secondary camera. Smart watches must be placed in Airplane Mode and have notifications turned off

  • If you log in to the LMS more than 30 minutes after the start time of the online supervised exam, you will not be admitted to the exam
  • You must work alone and not communicate with any other student or unauthorized person during the exam
  • If you encounter difficulties during the exam:
    • Support will be available from online exam supervisors using the chat function.
    • If you are unable to contact the exam supervisor, (e.g. cannot login or the connection drops out and cannot reconnect) contact your Subject Coordinator.
    • Exam staff may attempt to call you on the phone number you have supplied in StudentOnLine if a connection drops out.
    • If you are unable to complete your exam due to personal circumstances or illness, you may be eligible to apply for Special Consideration.
  • You are permitted to take limited toilet breaks. If a toilet break is required, request permission from the exam supervisor using the chat function. No additional time will be added to your exam
  • Toilet breaks will be noted by the exam supervisor. You will have to do an ID verification process when you return from your toilet break
  • If you finish your exam early, contact the online exam supervisor using the chat function

  • Exams being completed within the LMS Quiz function will be automatically submitted at the end of the exam time
  • If the exam requires submission to Turnitin, you must ensure you submit your exam prior to the end of the allotted exam time
  • Follow any instructions provided by the online exam supervisor
  • Do not leave the exam session until your exam has been submitted
  • For results and release dates refer to Grades and Results

  • Ensure there is a stable internet connection
  • Watch our Taking a practice test for your supervised online exam video and complete the practice test using a test exam in your subject LMS site
  • Ensure mobile devices have a working camera, microphone and speaker to be used as the secondary camera device
  • Test both camera audio and video are working on your mobile device

Technical difficulties during the exam

Technical difficulties during online exams are rare, but sometimes the unexpected may happen.

Follow these steps if an incident occurs during the exam:

  1. If your internet connection drops out or computer shuts down during an online exam, you should log back on and reconnect.

    Online exam supervisors may attempt to contact you by mobile phone if the connection drops out.

    If you are unable to reconnect, take a screenshot of the problem/error message noting the progress state of the exam.

  2. Contact Student IT Support regarding any technical issues for real-time support. If you are unable to contact Student IT, please log a support request online as soon as possible, noting the incident/reference number. This number will be needed if you apply for Special Consideration.
  3. If possible, you should email your Subject Coordinator, attaching a screenshot showing the current state of the exam with a brief explanation of the problem that occurred. This will assist your Subject Coordinator to have a reliable record of when the problem occurred.

If you are unable to complete your exam, you can apply for Special Consideration. Your application should include any evidence of what happened during the exam, including screen shots of error messages, logged requests with Student IT support and evidence of the state of the exam at the time of any unforeseen circumstances.

You need to ensure you provide supporting evidence such as screenshots or emails and complete your application within five business days of the exam.

Recording of supervised online exams

  • Supervised online exams will be recorded in their entirety. This recording will include a personal ID verification process and for the duration of your exam.
  • The exam recording will be securely stored on a La Trobe University server for two years. The recording will be utilised solely to examine the academic integrity of the examination process.

What if I have a Learning Access Plan (LAP)?

If you have a Learning Access Plan (LAP), we will ensure your supervised online exam set-up caters to your provisions and extra time is allowed where required.