Contact Safer Community

Safer Community provides expert advice and information for staff and students.

If you are a student

We can assist you with issues involving problem behaviours by other students, or experiences in your personal life with no connection to La Trobe University.

Please note: if you are a student and your concern relates to an administrative/ academic issue or a staff member, please contact Student Complaints on (03) 9479 5308.

If you are a staff member

We can provide expert advice and information about problem student behaviour that may leave you feeling concerned, threatened or uncomfortable. We will offer you options and referrals to help resolve your concerns and keep yourself and others safe. We are also available to run workshops and develop resources for your area.

Please note - if you are a staff member with concerns about another staff member, or you need assistance and support regarding personal experiences outside of La Trobe University. Please contact HR Assist on (03) 9479 1234.

Contact us

Telephone: (03) 9479 8988