Respectful Behaviour and Culture Module

What is the Respectful Behaviour and Culture Module?

At La Trobe, we’re committed to building a respectful, safe and secure learning and working environment for all students, staff and visitors. The Respectful Behaviour and Culture (2024-RPC8010) program is aligned with La Trobe’s values and provides important information, supporting you to understand not only your responsibilities as a student but also your rights. It is part of the University’s long-standing commitment to fostering a safe, respectful and inclusive community free of sexual harm, discrimination and violence.

This module covers the following topics*:

  • Respect at La Trobe
  • Human rights
  • Sex, gender and sexuality
  • Sexual and reproductive rights, gender equality and family violence
  • Respectful relationships and consent
  • Be the change
  • What to do if things go wrong

*The module has a content warning as it discusses family violence and sexual harm.

Is it compulsory?

From January 1, 2024, the Respectful Behaviour and Culture module will become compulsory for all students commencing their studies. The module will appear on commencing student academic transcripts.

Non-commencing students are also expected to complete the module however it will not appear on transcripts.

Is it graded?

The module requires students to earn a completion badge. The badge is earned when students have completed all seven end of topic quizzes with 100%. Students can attempt the end of topic quizzes as many times as needed.

When should I complete the module?

You should complete the module within your first study period.

How do I access the module?

You need to self-enrol in Respectful Behaviour and Culture (2024-RPC8010) through La Trobe’s LMS.

I am a commencing student and would like to request an exemption from this module due to past experiences of trauma. How can I do this?

Please send an email to the heading ‘Module Exemption Request’ stating why you would like an exemption. Exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Where can I get help?

Find more detailed questions and answers about completing Respectful Behaviour and Culture via the ASK La Trobe FAQ website. You can also email for further help or questions.

By completing this online subject, you can contribute to creating a more harmonious campus and working culture. It will also provide you with valuable knowledge and skills to take with you to the workplace.

Safer Community

Safer Community is a free and confidential support service for all La Trobe students.

If you witness or experience inappropriate, threatening or concerning behaviour, please visit the Safer Community website to contact the service.