Trans, non-binary and gender diverse support

We celebrate and support sexual and gender diversity across our University.

This guide is designed to be flexible in recognition of the individual nature of each person’s gender affirmation. The staff or student member affirming their gender, their manager, teachers and/or their colleagues. They all play important roles in the person’s gender affirmation process. The guide provides information specific to each of these important groups and the role they play in supporting someone’s gender transition process.

Gender neutral toilets

Gender neutral toilets are available on all our campuses. View a toilet location map for Bundoora Campus.

Changing gender or name on university records

You can change your title (including to Mx) and preferred name in your online enrolment details at any time. There are also steps you can take to change your name or gender marker formally with the university. Remember to consider the consequences of discrepancies as you change your name and gender (for example, it could be important that Centrelink and the University’s records match so that there are no issues with your payments). You are also able to request a preferred name be printed on your student ID Card. Send an email to and the team will arrange this for you. Please note that where you need an official La Trobe student ID card for exam purposes or other official university transactions, and your ID card has a different name to what is on your official university record, you should bring other formal ID such as a driver’s licence or passport to be able to confirm your identity.

Meeting other gender diverse people

You can meet other trans and gender diverse people at Bundoora campus at Queer Chat and the Student Union Queer Department, or at Rainbow Eagles in Bendigo.

Additional support

  • If you need to talk to someone about medical transition or you’re looking for a trans-friendly doctor, Equinox is an entirely trans and gender-diverse health service in Fitzroy.
  • The Victorian gender diverse young people at YGender have put together some excellent Trans 101 resources and videos, and you can link in with them to meet other gender diverse young people.
  • Transgender Victoria provides advocacy and information for gender diverse people.
  • Multi-disciplinary clinics have been established in Preston with Your Community Health, and Ballarat with Ballarat Community Health, to support individuals looking to socially, medically or legally affirm their gender.