Women's safe place

We recognise that women experience suppression in all settings across their lifespan.

Therefore, it is practically and symbolically important for women to have their own space where they are free. Also where they feel encouraged and enabled to speak and be heard without fear of judgment or intimidation.

Recognising this, Respectful Communities are creating a safe place for women in all their diversity to feel physically and emotionally secure. Having a women-focused environment opens a comfortable space to start intimate, important conversations that might not otherwise happen. We acknowledge that trans and gender diverse people also experience discrimination on the basis of their gender. Both staff and students can access specific LGBTIQA+ supports including counselling, groups and spaces.

The Women’s Safe Place will be a space where women who are part of our community are protected from bodily harm. Including sexual violence and will enable women to freely and openly express themselves in a confidential environment.

In entering the Women’s Safe Place, you will find information and support about services that provide support to women. We have also partnered with Share the Dignity to ensure that all products specific to women’s hygiene (including tampons and pads) will be available at no cost for women in need.

Currently women can access the Women’s Safe Place at:

  • Bundoora campus HU3-105

Efforts are being made to roll out at all regional campuses in 2024.

If you would like to support this initiative, you can donate unopened packets of period products (including tampons or pads) to Respectful Communities at one of the donation sites.

Student Health and Wellbeing Resource Centre, Peribolos East Building, Level 1 (10am - 4pm).

If you would like to find out more about this project, about Safer Community, or would like to seek support if you are affected by a traumatic experience please feel free to contact us as below.

Contact us

Respectful Communities - respect@latrobe.edu.au