Melbourne campus services

Groups and activities

We are involved in a variety of activities to help you make the most of university life, meet new people and think through big issues from a spiritual perspective. Some of our activities include:

  • providing individual consultation to help staff and students think through issues from various spiritual perspectives
  • organising bible study groups and talks for those interested in exploring contemporary Christian spirituality
  • offering worship services such as mass
  • being available in some circumstances to conduct weddings, baptisms and funerals on or off campus
  • running programs for international students to welcome them and support them as they adjust to Australian culture and life
  • arranging social activities such as dinners and camps to help people make the most of university life.


We invite students to utilise the chapel and small lounge in Room 471. The chapel provides space for reflection, prayer and retreat or bible study. The lounge is place where anybody can sit and read, catch up with friends and meet new people or simply just chill out. It also has access to a small kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities and a microwave for heating food.

Campus Church Services

For students wanting to attend a Sunday Church Service every Sunday at 1pm in the LIMS 101 Lecture Theatre there is a church service on campus run by Pastor Lukas Edwards, live praise, worship, inspiring preaching of the word of God, fellowship, and food. Please contact Pr Lukas or check out the Lightpoint Church website for more details.

La Trobe Catholic chaplaincy is committed to supporting and enriching the spiritual life of the University community following the Catholic Christian tradition of worship, discernment, prayer and service. At the heart of all our activities is the daily invitation to person encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the opportunity of intimate union with Him in divine Adoration.

The Catholic priest Fr. Phuong Vu, SVD is a spiritual director and retreat master, and speaks English, Vietnamese and Mandarin. The chaplaincy offers an environment that seeks to encourage genuine and intelligent reflection on authentic Christian witnessing firmly rooted in biblical, doctrinal and catechetical foundations. Building on individual talents and personal experiences we strive to foster a strong sense of community through service and solidarity.

Catholic activities include:

MassMonday to Friday: 1.05pm
Sunday: 11.00am

Friday: 1.30pm to 2.00 pm

Bible StudyThursday: 1.30pm to 2.00 pm
Sacrament of ReconciliationAlways available on request


Rev Peter Leslie

Presbyterian Chaplain
HU3 | 424
T: 03 9479 1479

      Rabbi Dr Yankel Rapp

      Jewish Chaplain
      HU3 | 422
      T: 03 9527 7770
      M: 0403 185896

      Fr. Phuong Vu, SVD

      Catholic Chaplain
      HU3 | 420
      T: 03 9479 3989

        Pastor Lukas Edwards

        Pentecostal Chaplain
        (part-time, usually Wednesdays)
        HU3 | 418
        T: 03 9479 2775
        M: 0413 668 261