Printing Recharge

Recharging your card is an easy and intuitive process that you can do via the online recharge portal. You’ll need a credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Click the link below and follow the prompts to add funds to your account.

MyPrint Recharge

Following the same link will also let you see your balance. You can also log into your MyPrint PaperCut account to check your balance and see current print jobs and previous print and copy jobs charged to your account.

Log in to MyPrint

New students

Setting up a new Account

Activating your MyPrint Recharge account is a two stage process, that doesn’t take long to complete. It is best done once you have your new Student (or staff) card available, however you’ll be able to access printers without it:

First, you’ll need to put some funds in your user account to be able to print and copy. You’ll need to add funds whenever the balance approaches $0.00.

Recharge your card here

Second, you’ll need to associate your card to your account the first time you use a multifunction device. This is a once off activity (unless you change cards).


If you don’t have an existing staff or student card, you’ll need to setup a MyPrint PaperCut account. Click on the link below to do so.

Register as a new user

Add some funds to the account once it is setup, here.

MyPrint Recharge

If you have any card with a sensor chip in it, such as a Myki card, you can associate this card with your MyPrint account the first time you use one of our Multi-Function Devices.

Associating your card – once off, first time use [PDF 213KB]

Refunds and Support

If you are experiencing an issue printing, with your account balance or recharging your card, please contact Ricoh on 1300 362 577.

If you’ve attempted a large print or copying job and the machine has failed, in most instances, it is smart enough to register the failure and not charge your account.

If you have completed, discontinued or deferred your studies and would like a refund on money you’ve loaded onto your MyPrint account, please complete this form.