A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows the creation of a secure private network over a shared public network infrastructure such as the Internet. A VPN provides a set of services to facilitate transparent and secure communication for all forms of network traffic regardless of the application.


Known Issues

Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is not compatible with the VPN client. If you attempt to install the VPN client with ICS activated, you will receive the error "The vpn client agent was unable to create the interprocess communication depot."

Disable Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

  1. Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
  2. Click the View by drop-down-list in the top-right corner and select Large icons.
  3. Click Administrative Tools.
  4. Double-click Services.
  5. Locate and right-click Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and select Properties.
  6. Change the Startup type to Disabled.
  7. Click OK.

Further Information