Internet of Things (IOT)

Many devices such as gaming consoles and Smart TV's are incompatible with the eduroam wireless network.

If you are living on campus and would like to connect your Gaming Console or Smart TV to a wireless network, you can request your device be granted access to the IOT wireless network.

What devices can I connect to IOT Wireless?

ICT cannot guarantee that all devices will be able to connect to the IOT network. ICT will ensure that the IOT network is available - but cannot guarantee the compatibility of the end devices.

Devices that can be connected to the IOT Wireless Network

  • Gaming consoles e.g Xbox, Playstation, Switch, DS
  • Smart TVs

Devices that are unable to be connected to IOT Wireless Network

  • Smart devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Devices used for casting such as Chrome Cast, Android TV, Apple TV
  • Printers

1. Locate the MAC address of your device

Every internet-enabled device has a unique "MAC Address". You can typically retrieve this by looking in your device settings. How-to guides for your specific device can be found online using a search engine of your choice. An example MAC Address  looks like this: 00:0A:C9:14:C8:29

2. Submit an "LTU-IOT" Whitelist request