Apply for a short overseas program

Before you apply

  • Prepare to apply at least 6 months before the program starts. Visit us to chat to us and have your questions about the programs answered.
  • See our list of programs and contact the partner/host of program to begin the process.
  • Follow the steps below to complete the Overseas Short Program Form and associated requirements.
  • Take note of the forms you will need to apply at the bottom of this section.

*Programs to ‘Shanghai International Studies University’ are no longer approved for credit or mobility grants as per advice from the ASSC college.

Step 1 – Online Credit Approval - SOMSAS

Login to SOMSAS using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (not mobile).  If you are not on campus, type “students\” before your ID number.

You will need:

  • Information and weblinks on your desired program
  • An idea of whether you want credit approval for a core or elective subject

Then, check out these handy resources to help you complete your SOMSAS application:

Once submitted, keep an eye on your student email account for progress updates and when approved, don’t forget to continue with the rest of your OSP application.

Please note that SOMSAS applications can take several weeks to process and should be submitted at least 8-12 weeks before the program begins.

Please note:
  • If you require clarification about your degree structure and subject requirements, please see ASK La Trobe in the Library or online.
  • You can discuss with your Course Coordinator or La Trobe Abroad about what sort of Overseas Short Programs could be credited to your degree.
  • If your program’s Host Institution is not known to La Trobe Abroad you will be prompted to complete a Non-Partner Vetting Checklist (NPVC) to accompany your SOMSAS application. Please find the NPVC below in the Forms section.
  • If you need to follow up on the status of your SOMSAS application, please submit a question through Ask La Trobe online with all the necessary details.

Step 2 - Confirmation of Participation in Short Program

Register/confirm your participation in the short program directly with the program provider.

If you are on a La Trobe College-Led Academic Study Tour, please ignore this step and go to Step 3.

Step 3 – OSP Supporting Documents

Please read the cover page of the OSP Supporting Documents [PDF 275KB] carefully, as it details exactly what you need to include in your online OSP application (Step 4).

Online Pre-Departure Module:

All students going on an overseas program for the first time need to complete the online pre-departure module via LMS.
You can access the module here - Online Pre-Departure module via LMS (use your standard La Trobe student ID login).
Please note: You need to access the module from the direct link above, you can’t search for it on LMS

Once completed, download the completion postcard and attach to your OSP Supporting Documents

Travel Insurance:

All undergraduate and postgraduate students are covered automatically under the University's travel insurance for an Overseas Short Program approved by LTU and once all forms are completed and acknowledged by La Trobe Abroad.

We recommend you take the following information with you in case you need assistance overseas: You can contact the Customer Care 24 hours a day by the reverse charge telephone no. +61 2 8907 5995 quoting Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited Policy No. 9313 1586 for all students.

Insurance cover for non-LTU approved activity is limited to a maximum combined total of 10 days before and after an approved LTU activity. You are strongly advised to purchase your own travel insurance for any additional days of non-LTU approved activity. Please note, limited cover applies to students travelling to their country of residence see Travel to Country of Residence Policy [371 KB].

The summary of the insurance policy is available. If you require an insurance certificate, you will need to advise the Insurance Office by submitting a request through the form below. This request will be automatically sent to the University’s Insurance Office and you will be receiving a Certificate within two weeks of your request.

Apply for a copy of your insurance certificate (only if necessary):

Step 4 – Online OSP Application

Once you have received approval for your SOMSAS application, begin your La Trobe Abroad Online OSP Application

You will need to login with your La Trobe University Student Login if you are not accessing the application portal from campus.

You will need to fill in:

  • Program Details
  • Personal Details
  • Bank Details

You will then need to attach your OSP Supporting Documents to the online application before submitting

Step 5 – Application Submission

When you have completed all parts of your OSP application, please submit them online via the La Trobe Abroad Online OSP Application to be considered for a mobility grant or alternate scholarship.

This must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to your intended program dates.

Please note: as payments can take a few weeks to be processed, late applications may not receive any grant/scholarship funds in time for the program.

Step 6 – Application Outcome

La Trobe Abroad will inform you of your application outcome, whether it has been successfully received and processed or there are missing parts.

If you are participating in a program with a partner institution on the exchange basis and are not required to pay for program fees, to be eligible to receive the program credits into your La Trobe degree, you must be enrolled at La Trobe for an exchange subject or cluster and pay your subject fees to La Trobe.


To answer frequently asked questions about overseas short programs, please read our Overseas Short Program FAQs.


After you apply

Ensure that you keep a copy of all documents submitted for your own record.

If you miss any of the steps above and don't submit all the required documentation, you will not be eligible to receive a mobility grant/scholarship and receive credit towards your La Trobe degree.

Applications for a volunteering program not receiving academic credit will be reviewed for eligibility on a case-by-case basis subject to funding availability.

If you need to contact the College Student Administration, please use the ASK La Trobe system and include as much information as possible in your query.

When you return

Apply for credit transfer:

When you have finished your overseas short program, the host institution will usually send an official academic transcript or completion certificate to you. If you have received an unofficial copy of your transcript, you will need it signed and stamped by La Trobe Abroad staff as genuine.

Upload either your original official transcript copy or your unofficial transcript (must be signed and stamped as genuine by La Trobe Abroad) as you fill in the Application for Advanced Standing form and that will go through to the College for credit transfer.

Get the Career Ready Advantage

Now that you’re back from your overseas experience, we highly recommend you join the Career Ready Advantage Award.

The program is designed to help you actively prepare for your life beyond La Trobe.  It is structured to make it easy to record and build on your experiences – through part time work, internships, and participation in volunteering, international exchanges, and other extra-curricular activities. By recording your activities and reflecting on your learning, you will build up a portfolio of experiences and evidence of skills, which you’ll be able to present to employers when the time comes to apply for graduate jobs.

Your feedback:

La Trobe Abroad would like to receive your feedback about the program.  This feedback will help identify what students look for in an overseas short program and how La Trobe Abroad can improve services in the hope of providing more opportunities, to more students.

The basic survey should only take a couple of minutes to complete, however if you would like to provide some more detailed responses within the survey, it would be very much appreciated.
Feedback Survey Link