Advertised Jobs

Woman sitting at computer talking to manTo gain the most out of searching for advertised jobs consider the following tips:

Target your search

Identify job board websites that give you the best search results rather than searching through the numerous websites which exist.

In some cases, searching large, well-known job boards, like Seek and Indeed, do not give the best results. Consider niche (profession specific) job boards as well as Career Hub through La Trobe University, and the websites listed on the Job Boards page.

Set up job alerts

Most job boards allow you to set up a personal profile and/or job alerts sent to you via email. Use these tools to make your search easier. Review your job alerts regularly to ensure they are giving you the right results.

Speak to the employer

If a contact name is listed in the advert, consider contacting the employer prior to submitting your application to help determine if the position is suitable for you to apply for. This type of ‘pre-interview’ may well get your application onto the ‘interview’ pile!

Understand the job advertisement

Read through the job advertisement carefully, highlighting key words and phrases. Honestly assess if you have the skills and experience to do the job. You don’t need to meet all the criteria but should be meeting about 80% of the requirements. Taking into account the requirements and the organisation/ company, decide whether the role is right for you. Read the application instructions carefully and note what is required of you to apply.

Use social media

Social media can be a valuable tool in your job search. Before starting, always ensure your privacy settings are secure and/or the profiles you have online present your information in a professional manner. A tool many university students and graduates are using is LinkedIn.

Once you have a profile, which is essentially an online resume, use LinkedIn to start following employers and groups, research where graduates with similar degrees are working with the alumni tool and start connecting with others to build your professional network.