Employment rights and responsibilities

Your minimum rights and responsibilities at work may be set by a legal document like an award or agreement. This should tell you things like:

  • Your minimum rate of pay
  • When you will be paid
  • If you are entitled to more money for working weekends, nights and public holidays
  • The minimum number of hours you can be rostered and paid for

Ask your employer which award or agreement will apply to you and your job so you can find out how it will affect you.

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What's not okay?

  • Unpaid work trials are generally against the law - you should not be asked to work for free.
  • You should be paid for all hours you work, including meetings or training and the time you spend opening and closing the business.
  • Not being given a pay slip. You should get a pay slip within 1 day of being paid.
  • You should generally start and finish your shift at the rostered time no matter how busy or quiet it is, unless you and your employer agree otherwise.
  • Getting goods or services (including food) instead of pay.


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