Your rights

As a La Trobe student, you have certain rights. This includes the right to:

  • study in relevant and high quality courses, with ready access to information about your course
  • experience a positive, cooperative, participative and safe teaching and learning environment
  • have your progress assessed using fair and open procedures
  • be free from discrimination and harassment
  • access relevant support services
  • make complaints.

Read the Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities for more details of your rights.

Academic rights

Reviews of assessments

If you feel you've been unfairly marked on an assessment, you may be able to ask for a review. If you're unsatisfied with the result of the review, you may be able to ask for a re-mark.


If your College imposes a condition on your enrolment or excludes you from your course, they'll tell you about your options for appeal or review - see: Can I appeal a decision made by an academic progress or misconduct committee?

If you're dissatisfied with the Appeals Committee's decision, the Student Complaints Office can give you guidance on other avenues.


If you're seeking a review or re-mark, or are appealing, you have the right to seek assistance from an advocate of your student association.

Advocates are independent of the Uni and can give you confidential, unbiased and independent help on a range of academic, administrative and personal issues, including:

  • reassessment
  • special consideration
  • show cause
  • complaints
  • appeals

and more.

Contact an advocate

General rights


You have the right to make formal complaints about general issues which affect your study and experience at University. If you have any questions about lodging a formal complaint you can contact the Student Complaints Office.


You have a right to be represented by an independent, democratically-elected student association.

Equality and diversity

You have a right to equal access to studies, regardless of disability, cultural differences or location. The Equality and Diversity Centre helps to ensure equal access for all students and supports students who may be unfairly treated.

International students

If you have a student visa, you have a specific right to a quality education and tuition protection, under Australia's Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislation.

We have a specific department to help international students with personal and academic issues.

Health and safety

You have a right to study in a safe and healthy environment. Our comprehensive health and safety system helps make this possible.


We provide some insurance for students, such as for work experience or Study Abroad. You may need to take out additional insurance for your belongings and medical bills.


We collect certain personal information about you. We protect this information in accordance with privacy laws. You can access your personal information, subject to any legal exceptions. You can lodge a complaint if you believe your privacy has been breached.


We have comprehensive emergency plans and security measures for each campus. Make sure you know how to contact Security.

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