PSB Academy & Singapore Nurses Association graduations

2023 graduation

Date: Thursday 16 November, 2023
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore



Graduation invitations in 2023 will be sent 6-4 weeks before the ceremony date. This email will include a link to the graduation registration portal, which is where you will tell us your graduation preference (see below).

To receive your invitation to graduate:

Your graduation preferences:

1. attend this ceremony
2. defer to a later ceremony, or
3. graduate in absentia (without attending a ceremony).

Note: After receiving your graduation invitation, if you do not choose one of the above options, you will automatically graduate in absentia. Graduating in absentia means you will not have the option to attend a future ceremony. You will need to request your testamur online after the date of your original ceremony.

To avoid missing out on graduation:

  • regularly check your nominated email for updates
  • if you receive an invitation to graduate before results are released, you must register for graduation to secure your spot at a ceremony. Be assured that if your eligibility changes due to your results, you will automatically receive a full refund.
  • clear any overdue fees or debts, to check if you have outstanding fees, email to the PSB Academy team for immediate verifications

PSB and SNA students will both be invited to the ceremony.

If you pass your course on or after the cut-off date, you will be invited to next year’s graduation celebration.

Digital Graduation Documents

Once you've completed all your course requirements, keep an eye on your personal email address for instructions on how to access a digital copy of your graduation documents via the secure platform, My eQuals.

Your digital graduation documents include your:

  • Academic Transcript,
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS), and
  • digital testamur (certificate)

My eQuals is an online platform that allows you to download and securely share your documents with third parties, such as employers and other universities.

Hard-copy testamur (certificate)

Your hard-copy testamur (certificate) will be provided to you at the ceremony. If you decide to graduate in absentia and you let us know of your preference via the invitation process, your hard-copy testamur will we posted to you within six weeks of the ceremony date.

Tickets for graduation cost $240.00 AUD

This price includes:

  • tickets for three of your closest supporters
  • gown hire - finally, wear your hard-earned graduation gown and cap!
  • documentation presentation - be presented with your Testamur (certificate)
  • food and beverage - enjoy the refreshments after the ceremony with your guests
  • photo opportunities - access to the best photo spots on offer
  • access to the graduations precinct to have a professional photography sitting and the opportunity to purchase degree framing and memorabilia

Once you have received your graduation invitation:

  • click the link to the portal to lodge your graduation preference (even if it’s to graduate in absentia)
  • make a note of your ceremony day and time

If you decide to attend graduation in-person, please:

  • select your guest ticket requirement and photography options before paying the graduation fee and accept the vaccination Conditions of Entry.

Lastly, be sure to:

  • clear any outstanding fees, to check if you have outstanding fees, email to the PSB Academy team for immediate verifications
  • check your nominated email regularly for graduation updates. Detailed instructions for on the day will be emailed to you approximately one week before graduation.
  • save your registration ticket and order details on your mobile device, or print them out, to bring with you on the day.
  • ensure your guests also bring a copy of their entry tickets with them on the day, either saved on their mobile device or printed out.

On the day

Attendee requirements:

COVID-19 symptoms

Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell and get tested if you have any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).  If you are required to isolate due to symptoms of COVID and are awaiting results, and miss your graduation, please contact us to make arrangements for an alternative ceremony or full refund.

Face masks

Mask wearing may be required in line with the Government's regulations at the time of ceremony.

It is optional for students and guests to wear masks during the event.

Ticketed entry

Only registered ticket holders will be able to access the Graduations precinct. Graduates and guests must show event ticket or registration on arrival .

Our venue-safe plan:


The venue will be deep cleaned before the ceremony including bathrooms and high-touch areas.


All venues are fully ventilated.

Sanitising stations

Hand sanitising stations will be available at various locations throughout the venue. Handwash facilities will also be available in all bathrooms.

Contactless testamur presentation

It is tradition to doff your trencher (graduation cap) as a gesture of respect to the Presenter and we will be asking graduates to do this as usual. There will not be handshaking as part of the presentation ceremony.

If you or any of your guests require special assistance on the day (such as wheelchair or mobility access, visual or hearing impaired assistance), please let us know via ASK a Question.

Extra guest tickets will not be available for this graduation.

We’ll send you detailed instructions approximately one week before your ceremony. Be sure to check your nominated email for your copy of these instructions.

As a brief overview, here’s what you can expect:

  • dress in business attire, as if you’re attending a job interview
  • arrive 1.5 hours before your ceremony time
  • proceed to the gown collection area (specific location details will be emailed to you one week before your ceremony) where the Reed Graduations team will help you dress in your regalia. You will need to show them your order information.
  • guests must have tickets ready to scan to enter the venue where the ceremony takes place. Guests will be seated in a different section to students.
  • when your name is announced, you will walk across the stage to accept your testamur (certificate) where the Reed event photographer will take a photo of you receiving your testamur, which you will have the option to purchase after the ceremony.
  • once you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the celebrations and have your photos taken, please return your gown (if hired) at the designated gown return area.

Reed Graduations will provide the following services on the day:

  • studio photography
  • graduation frames and plaques
  • graduation rings
  • flowers and graduation giftware, including teddy bears and other mementoes

For further details please contact Reed Graduations.

An e-program booklet will be made available here.



Hard-copy testamurs can be collected from Nurses Learning Hub PL at SNA office, 77 Maude Road Singapore 208353 after Monday 20 November, 2023.

PSB Academy

Hard-copy testamurs can be collected from 22 Nov 2023 - 15 Dec 2023.

Collection details:

  • Marina Square Main Campus, HIVE Counter 2
  • Mondays to Fridays only (not open on PH & weekends)
  • 9.00am to 7.30pm
  • HIVE will be closed from 18 Dec 2023 – 1 Jan 2024. We will re-open on 2 Jan 2024.

Things to note / show upon collection:

  1. This collection email; and
  2. Your identification / Picture of your identification (e.g. NRIC/ FIN card/ Driving License); or
  3. Authorisation Letter (as enclosed below) – to be printed, completed, and signed for authorised collection on your behalf (to include mobile screenshots of IDs of graduand and authorised person)

Authorisation Letter

(Please complete this section and for the 3rd party to print out, if you are unable to collect it in person)

I, _______________________________________________________ (Student’s Name as per NRIC/FIN) of







_______________________________________________________ (Name as per NRIC/FIN), of






to collect ______________________________________________ on my behalf.


Student’s Signature & Date

Authorised Person’s* Signature & Date