Melbourne (Bundoora)

Melbourne (Bundoora) May Graduations 2020

9.30 am, Wednesday 13 May

1.30 pm Wednesday 13 May

9.30 am Thursday 14 May

1.30 pm Thursday 14 May

9.30 am Friday 15 May

1.30 pm Friday 15 May


Union Hall, Bundoora
Melbourne Campus

You have three graduation options:

1. Attend this graduation ceremony
2. Graduate in absentia (without attending a ceremony)
3. Defer your graduation until the next graduation period

Note: If you do not choose one of the above options, you will automatically graduate in absentia. Graduating in absentia means you will not have the option to attend a ceremony, and you will need to request your testamur online after your original ceremony has concluded.

Before the ceremony

  • Once you have received your invitation, complete your registration on the Reed website:
    • Enter your name pronunciation
    • Pay your $215 registration fee
    • Reserve your guest ticket/s
  • Check your ceremony date and time information on your Graduation Invitation email
  • Check your award title and formal name is listed correctly on your Graduation Invitation email. This is what will appear on your testamur. If this is incorrect, please contact the Graduations Team.
  • Ensure any outstanding fees are paid in full
  • Check your student email regularly for graduation updates
  • Print out your ticket and your guests’ tickets

On the day of your Graduation

  • For the morning ceremony, graduands are to arrive at Union Hall from 7.30 am to be gowned. All graduands must be on-site by no later than 8.30 am to allow adequate time before the ceremony. For the afternoon ceremony, graduands are to arrive for gowning from 11.30 am. Allow enough time for parking or public transport, so that you aren't delayed on the way.
  • Dress in business attire as if you’re attending an interview. When you arrive, you will be directed to the Gowning area and the Gowning team will help you dress in your regalia, which will consist of a gown, a hood in your discipline colours and a trencher (or a bonnet, if you are receiving a PhD).
  • Doors typically open forty minutes before the ceremony. Our ushers will show you to the designated seating areas. Note that guests will be seated in a different section to graduands. Guest seating is not reserved so arrive early to secure your desired row.
  • You will be requested to present your tickets (and guest tickets) when entering the venue.
  • The ceremony will run for approximately 60 minutes and will include the academic procession, the occasional address, and the presentation of graduands.
  • When your name is announced, you will walk across the stage to accept your testamur. The event photographer will take a photo of you receiving your testamur, which you will have the option to purchase after the ceremony.
  • Light refreshments will be provided after the ceremony in the Eagle Bar.


Reed Graduations provides the following services:

  • Studio photography
  • Graduation frames/plaques
  • Graduation rings
  • Flowers
  • Graduation giftware, graduation bears and/or other unbranded retail

Call within Australia: 1300 361 806
International: +613 9798 7199

Live streaming

A live stream of your ceremony will be available, so you can share this link with your friends and family so they can tune in and watch your Graduation ceremony live online. The video is also available online after your ceremony if you want to rewatch it later.

Graduations livestream

Special assistance

If you, or any of your guests, need special assistance at the graduation ceremony (e.g. wheelchair access, visually impaired assistance or a deaf/Auslan interpreter), please let us know via ASK a Question.

Venue parking

The nearest pay-as-you-go carpark to Union Hall is Carpark 3.

For more information or to see a map of the carparks, view our Carparking Guide.