Request for re-mark

If you have queries or concerns about a result for an assessment task that is worth 20% or more of the final grade for a subject, and the work is able to be reviewed, you have the right to request a review of the mark.

Initial review

You should first ask the Original Marker of the task to review the work with you – this may happen face-to-face or via email or a virtual meeting. If the Original Marker is not available you should approach the Subject Coordinator for the subject.

Your request must be made within 10 days of receiving the result for your assessment.

Formal re-mark

If you still have concerns about the mark after having discussed the assessment task with the Original Marker or the Subject Coordinator then you may be able to apply to have the work formally re-marked by a different marker. Before you take this step, you must be aware of the following:

  • you can only apply for a formal re-mark on the grounds that the original assessment of the task failed to follow the published assessment criteria or marking scheme for the assessment task, and/or was inherently biased. Applications can be rejected where you cannot demonstrate that these grounds exist.
  • you must apply for the formal re-mark within 5 business days of the initial review
  • if your application for a re-mark is accepted you may receive the same, lower or a higher mark.

A lower mark will only be given on academically appropriate grounds - you will not be penalised simply for applying for a re-mark and there are some conditions which provide protection in some circumstances. Where the recommendation is for a lower mark, your original mark will not be changed where:

  • your original mark on an assessment task was a Fail
  • the new mark would lead to you failing a task on which the original mark was a pass.

You should also be aware that an assessment task can only be formally re-marked once. You may not appeal the outcome or request any further review.

Application for formal re-mark

If you wish to proceed with an application for a formal re-mark submit the application form and include the requested documentation in relation to your assessment.

The form will be forwarded to your Subject Coordinator or other relevant staff member as outlined on the form. Refer to the Subject Learning Guide for the name of your Subject Coordinator.

Please refer to Part B of the Assessment Procedure – Validation and Moderation for more information on this Procedure


Receipt of your form will be acknowledged. Please ensure that you use the correct email address so that your submission is received within the 5-day limit.

Within 10 days of your submission being received you should receive an email providing the outcome.