Payment options

Pay up-front

How to pay your SSAF online:

Pay online by the 'My Finances' tab on StudentOnLine. You can view the amount you have to pay and choose to make a payment on the spot.

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Defer payment (SA-HELP Assistance)

How to defer your SSAF payment:

Australian citizens and holders of Permanent Humanitarian Visas are eligible to defer the fee to SA-HELP, similar to HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP. All other students will need to pay the fee directly to the University.

Eligible students can fill out an SA-HELP form in StudentOnLine before 29 June (Semester 1) or 27 December (Semester 2). These are known as the incurral dates. Your SA-HELP form must be approved before these incurral dates. All students deferring the fee will be issued a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) within 28 days of these dates. You will need to provide your Tax File Number at the time of your loan application.

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Please note in some circumstances, if you complete your course prior to 29 June or 27 December, your incurral date may be altered to one day prior to your completion date.

The incurral date is the date on which the mandatory SSAF fee is charged and becomes payable.

An updated Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) will be issued at the time.

Students must pay the SSAF by the relevant payment due dates in order to avoid a sanction on their  student account. Students with sanctions are prevented from:

  • re-enrolling into new subjects
  • accessing exam results
  • graduating
  • accessing academic transcripts

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with your payment options.