Postgraduate fees

Details for 2019

We calculate your fees by multiplying the:

  • study load for a subject (based on 120 credit points a year for a full study load), by the
  • annualised course fee (depends on the course type and year you started your course).

The cents are then truncated and the resultant amount is in whole dollars.


If the study load for a subject is 0.125 and the annual equivalent course fee is $35,500:

0.125 x $35500 = $4437.50, rounded down to $4437.00

Calculate your fees.

Courses with non-standard credit points

If you are enrolled in a Graduate Certificate or other 60 credit point course, your fee will be half the annual course fee.

Research subjects

If you are not enrolled in a place funded under the Research Training Scheme, you will have to pay fees.

The study load for standard research subjects for a half-year (26 weeks) is usually:

  • 0.50 full-time
  • 0.25 part-time.

If you study for less than 26 weeks in a half-year, your study load is calculated daily.


If you were enrolled in 8 weeks full-time study in the first half the year, you would have a study load of 0.1538 (0.5 x 8/26).