Credit points: 15

Subject outline

In contemporary life, sex and sexuality have become central to personal identity, community membership, production and consumption (e.g. film, magazines, online dating, fashion, sex performance pharmaceuticals). From a narrow focus on human reproduction, there has been an explosion of inquiry into sexuality. This unit will introduce students to contemporary debates in the emerging field known as Critical Sexuality Studies, which is informed by philosophical, scientific and theoretical approaches to issues of pleasure, personhood, relationships, family, community and citizenship. This subject comprises 6 'live' or synchronous online sessions, and 6 a-synchronous online self-directed learning sessions, plus online tutorials. Students will be expected to spend a maximum of 3 hours per week online, as well as undertaking additional offline reading and learning activities. The 'live' or synchronous sessions (which students will be required to attend, online) will be held on Tuesdays between 4-5pm.

SchoolSchool of Psychology & Public Health

Credit points15

Subject Co-ordinatorGary Dowsett

Available to Study Abroad StudentsYes

Subject year levelYear Level 1 - UG

Exchange StudentsYes

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Special conditions There are six synchronous online session held on Tuesday afternoons from 4-5pm during the semester. All students enrolling in this subject are required to attend these synchronous sessions during those times.

Graduate capabilities & intended learning outcomes

01. Recognise a range of cultural and historical perspectives, values and discourses through which sexuality is usually understood.

Weekly posting on guided reading. Overall level of participation in subject activities. Group work. Individual written work.

02. Analyse and critique current debates in relation to sexual politics, sexual health and wellbeing, and sexual (re)presentation.

Overall level of participation in subject activities. Group work.

03. Identify the effects of cultural and historical perspectives, values and discourses that underpin recent Australian studies on sexuality.

Overall participation in subject activities. Individual written work producing a critique of research case studies.

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Start date between: and    Key dates

Online, 2016, Semester 2, Online


Online enrolmentYes

Maximum enrolment size60

Enrolment information limited staff resources 1

Subject Instance Co-ordinatorGary Dowsett

Class requirements

Problem Based Learning Week: 31 - 43
One 3.0 hours problem based learning per week on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via online.
"Live online, or 'synchronous', sessions will take place in 6 of the 12 weeks of the semester. The dates of these 6 live sessions will be notified in the LMS at the beginning of the course. All enrolled students are required to be online in these sessions at these times. Students are expected to complete other online activities in their own time."

Scheduled Online Class Week: 31 - 43
Six 1.0 hours scheduled online class other recurrence on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via online.
"Attending six synchronous online sessions are part of the course requirements that all students must attend. These take place on Tuesday afternoons between 4-5 pm. The dates of these 6 sessions will be available on the LMS once the course starts."


Assessment elementComments% ILO*
Group work and individual reflection piece (equiv. to 750 words per member)30 01, 02
One individual 1,500 word portfolio50 01, 03
Participation in activities (equiv. 1000 words - forum posts + 700 words - quizzes = 1700) 20 01, 02, 03