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How do we make sense of who and what we are? Descartes relied on the principle 'I think, therefore I am' and on the idea of a non-deceiving God. Sartre claims we need God because we fear freedom when in reality we 'are condemned to be free'. If we maintain that death is the end (rather than a transition to an after-life), does death deprive our lives of meaning, or imbue them with meaning? For Freud freedom and self-knowledge are illusions since our lives our governed by the unconscious. Should we agree with Marx or MacIntyre who claim respectively that we are communal 'species beings' and 'story-telling animals'? Or is Hobbes right in claiming that human existence is fundamentally a 'war of all against all'?. Through analysis of such ideas you will develop your own approach to thinking independently and responsibly about what it means to be human.

FacultyFaculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Credit points15

Subject Co-ordinatorRicky Sebold

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Subject year levelYear Level 1 - UG

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Special conditions A choice Core subject at first-year for a Philosophy major in the Bachelor of Arts (ABA).

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Melbourne, 2014, Semester 2, Day


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Lecture Week: 31 - 43
Two 1.0 hours lecture per week on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via blended.

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One 1.0 hours tutorial per week on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via blended.


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Essay (1000 words)25
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On-line quiz (80 words)2
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