Exam timetables

Semester 1 examination timetables

Check this page regularly before your exams in case of any changes. Any changes in the timetable documents will be highlighted.

Some timetables are several pages long so remember that you can use CTRL F in the PDF to search by subject code or paper name.

See alternative exam arrangements if you need to request an exam at a different time or location.
Note: Alternative exam times can only be requested for special circumstances - your exams cannot be rescheduled for holiday or travel plans.


  1. You must bring your student ID card to all exams. If you forget your ID card you may also use your:
    • Passport
    • Australian Driver's License
    • Other photo ID (issued in Australia only)
  2. You will not be allowed to enter an exam if you arrive more than 30 minutes after writing time has commenced. Missing an exam due to misreading the timetable is not grounds for special consideration.
  3. Materials allowed into an exam are listed in the 'Allowable Materials' column on the examination timetable. This is to be viewed together with the allowable materials list.
  4. If you are found in possession of item(s) not specifically permitted in the allowable materials list you will be reported for Academic Misconduct.
  5. Your wrist watch must be placed on the desk in front of you. Smart watches are not permitted.
  6. Exam rules set out what you can bring and do during an exam. Read the exam rules before attending your exam.