Exam rules

1. Bring with you all standard stationery, a clear bottle of water with no labels, and any materials published as allowable materials. These will be displayed on the timetable and the coversheet of the exam. Pencil cases are not permitted.

2. All students must bring their student ID card or other form of photo ID with them to every exam.

3. Mobile phones and smartwatches are to be switched off before entering the exam venue and placed in a non-transparent bag under your chair. Wristwatches must be placed on your desk.

4. No talking within the exam venue, unless speaking with a supervisor. Students must not disrupt or distract others.

5. No smoking, eating or drinking (hot beverages).

6. Please sit in your allocated seat. Your seat number will be listed on the seat list outside the exam venue.

7. Writing is not permitted during reading time (unless specified on your cover sheet).

8. Students are not permitted to enter an examination venue after thirty minutes of writing time have passed.

9. Students may not leave the exam venue within the first 30 minutes of writing time or within the last 15 minutes of the exam.

10. Exam materials must not be removed from the exam venue. This includes exam papers, script books, multiple choice answer sheets and other supplied materials.

11. Follow all instructions given by exam staff.

If during an examination you are found in possession of unauthorised material, or do not follow the above guidelines, you could face disciplinary action.

‘In your possession’ means on, or next to your desk or chair, in or on your clothing, on your body (or in your wallet or purse).