Email support

Student email is moving to Office 365

For information and support please visit our Office 365 page.

Your email account

Each student at La Trobe University has access to an email account while they are enrolled as a student. Your La Trobe University email account is the primary method of communication between you and the University, so it is important to check it regularly throughout the year.

You can log in to your email account via the Outlook Web App (OWA) on any computer with an internet connection and an internet browser installed. To log in, visit and enter your LTU username and password. This is the same username and password that you you received on your first statement of account and use to log in to the LMS, Student Online and many other University systems.

To reset your password, visit the Online Password Reset Utility Your email address will be your username, followed by


Your email account allows you up to store up to 200 megabytes of emails. Please note that this cannot be increased for student accounts.

Your account after La Trobe

Access to your University email account is only available to you while you are an enrolled student at La Trobe. This is important to remember if you are subscribing to online services, or providing your email address when applying for jobs etc. Once you graduate, or once you're not enrolled in any subjects, you will receive a notification email two weeks before access is no longer possible. If you believe you should still have access as an enrolled student, you should contact your faculty office to check and amend your enrolment. Otherwise, SITS can assist you with archiving your email should this be required.

Email forwarding

How to forward email to your personal mail account.

Email on your computer

Configure email on your work or home computer.

Email on your mobile device

Configure email on your smartphone or tablet.

Backup and Restore your Mailbox

Backup and restore your exchange mailbox in Microsoft Windows or Mac OS

How to reduce your mailbox size

Reducing the size of your email mailbox.

Security alerts, SPAM and threats

Managing spam, hoaxes and scams