Multifaith spiritual advisors

Multifaith spiritual advisors, previously known as Chaplains, uphold the right of each person to express faith in their own unique way.

Services during COVID-19

We are here to listen, encourage and aid in developing each person's unique faith journey.  We can help you with meaning, purpose, and identity. We provide you with a safe space for retreat whenever you need and during times of loss or crisis, we’re here to listen to and support you. If you’re looking to connect with other people who share your faith, we can help you contact local faith communities.

This service along with the use of our spiritual wellbeing centres for prayer, meditation and reflection is available to you as well as staff members.

We can assist in many different areas such as:

  • help you with meaning, purpose, and identity
  • provide a safe space for retreat
  • facilitate forums and conversations on topical issues
  • provide practical assistance with welfare needs, life skills, and daily routines
  • make referrals to relevant community support services
  • listen and support you during times of loss or crisis
  • promote an ethical and moral voice within the university community
  • build a sense of harmony and community on campus
  • facilitate relevant memorial and other spiritual services